Welcome to the EOSC Future wiki!

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this Wiki space is no longer actively maintained. The information in it applies to the discontinued EOSC Marketplace and Provider Portal, which have been replaced by the EOSC EU Node.
Information related to the EOSC EU Node is available via the official page <here>

The specific objectives that this work package aims to achieve are:

  • Train stakeholders to become active users and providers of EOSC and increase uptake of resources, and Open Science.
  • Support providers to add their resources in the EOSC Portal and work with the INFRAEOSC-07 projects and Science Clusters to support users.
  • Consolidate the emerging cross-discipline trainer community (including the INFRAEOSC-07 projects) to avoid duplication of effort, focusing on key components of interoperability, service offering, and data provision.
  • Build and operate a learning management system and training catalogue as integral parts of the EOSC Portal to sustain the EOSC Knowledge Hub.

In the following pages you will find various pieces of information and resources that are being generated or have been generated to fulfil these objectives as well as the timelines involved.

Training and Skills

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