EOSC Future skills and training activities will engage the following categories of users/audiences outlined in D10.1 EOSC Future Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Strategy and Plan: EOSC consumers, EOSC providers and EOSC facilitators/intermediaries. 

EOSC Consumers - the most important stakeholder category for EOSC Future specifically and EOSC future in general. The end-user/researcher is the primary beneficiary of EOSC and the reason for its creation. EOSC Future’s training will largely target individual researchers directly and research communities via representative bodies - research associations, learned societies, research infrastructures, national and institutional support groups.  Training activities will also try to reach out to citizen scientists. 

Table 1 - EOSC Future consumers

Stakeholder group


Research communities 

research groups, networks, laboratories or representative bodies at the disciplinary level that can act as a conduit such as academic associations, learned societies and research infrastructures

Individual researchers

individual researchers

Citizen scientists

citizen scientists

Commercial entities

private companies interested in using the EOSC services


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