Welcome to the EOSC Future wiki!

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this Wiki space is no longer actively maintained. The information in it applies to the discontinued EOSC Marketplace and Provider Portal, which have been replaced by the EOSC EU Node.
Information related to the EOSC EU Node is available via the official page <here>

Content you will find in this wiki

Training and Skills

The Knowledge Hub covers the EOSC Training Catalogue and Learning Platform.

EOSC Future User Group

The home page of the EOSC Future User Group supporting the co-design of EOSC.

Architecture and Interoperability

These pages cover the architecture and interoperability work within the EOSC Future project.

EOSC Core Infrastructure Proxy - Policy for connecting services

The EOSC Core Infrastructure Proxy policy covers the connection of the EOSC Core and EOSC Support Services to the EOSC Federated AAI.

EOSC Future Glossary

The glossary of the EOSC Future project containing definitions of terms and acronyms.

Obtaining access to the EOSC Future Private Space

If you are a member of the EOSC Future project consortia and require access to the EOSC Future Private Wiki Space, you need to register individually via Jira. To do this, please do the following:

  • Login to Jira https://jira.eoscfuture.eu using the EOSC Portal AAI using your institutional Identity Provider (this cannot be done on behalf of another user);
  • Using the Create button at the top of the Jira page open an issue in the Support project (short name: HELP) to ask for access to the private areas;
  • Please include your institution, your institutional email and the name of the work package you are involved in.

The service administrators will aim to grant you access within 3 working days.

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