EOSC Providers - Much of the training in EOSC projects to date has focused on providers to develop the infrastructure and services needed. EOSC Future will continue these efforts, focusing on

  •         the coordination between the e-infrastructures to deliver the EOSC-Core
  •         engagement with research infrastructures to federate their services and resources into EOSC
  •         a variety of public and private sector providers who wish to offer services via EOSC

Table 2 - EOSC Future providers

Stakeholder group


European e-Infrastructures

EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT, OpenAIRE, PRACE, national e-Infrastructures, HPC and cloud initiatives

Research Infrastructures

clusters, ESFRIs, thematic clouds, ERICs, AISBLs, national Research Infrastructures, national labs

Private sector

commercial service providers, business organisations, SMEs, start-ups, innovators


organisations, community groups or other stakeholder categories including, for example, open-source communities

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