The EOSC Knowledge Hub (KH), seamlessly integrated with the EOSC Portal, has two essential components: a training resource catalogue and a learning platform, both intended to support FAIR sharing and reuse of training resources in EOSC. From an architecture point of view, the KH will build on existing technologies and concepts, including prototypes developed by cluster projects like TeSS (ELIXIR Training Registry) and initiatives like FOSTER. WP9 will specify the KH, will hand over the specification to WP5 for implementation, and after validation to WP7 for operation within the EOSC Portal. WP9 will monitor the use of the KH, ensuring content curation, and will advise WP5 and WP7 on improvements/changes in the functionality and delivery mode.

Some of the content presented in the following pages were initially produced to get feedback for the functional specifications for the EOSC Training Catalogue and Learning Platform, detailing functionalities and the main user actions.

Therefore, some of these pages are meant to be a place in which the participants in the development process of the Training Resource Catalogue and the Learning Platform, can update the user flows, the minimal metadata for learning resources, the RoP for onboarding EOSC training resources and EOSC Marketplace, as well as the release plan, according to the identified needs and assuring collaborative work.

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