This page summarises the proposed Working Groups during the finalisation process and provides links to the active WGs and other relevant information. 

The charters  of the Working Groups that are finalised, are published here as well as at the agreed position on the EOSC Portal.

This page provides also links to the EOSC Association task forces.

Proposed Working Group TitleStatusProposer Chair

Compute Continuum WG

The goal of this WG is to define a metadata schema as extension of the EOSC profile to describe the compute resources in the EOSC resource catalogue.

30.09.2021 Approved and started in Jan 2022EGI-ACEEnol Fernandez (EGI)

Research Product Publishing Framework WG

The goal of the WG is to define a Research Publishing framework to simplify the adoption of that practice, by enabling the services of research infrastructures to seamlessly integrate repository deposition workflows in the context of the EOSC.


Approved in Oct 2021 and started

OpenAIRE-NexusAlessia Bardi (CNR)

Science Projects and Use Cases

The WG aims to gather requirements from science projects to steer the overall project technical roadmap, provide inputs to the EOSC architecture and drive the activities of the technical WPs.

Approved in the summer 2021 and startedTCBJonathan Tedds (EMBL/Elixir) and Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI)
Metadata WGApproved and started in June 2022ENVRI-FairKeith Jeffery (ENVRI-Fair)


The EOSC Association manages Advisory Groups and Task Forces. These groups are managed by the EOSC Association and are not related to the WGs active in EOSC Future.

At 12th June 2021, the following charters were published here:                                                      

Advisory Group NameComponent Task Force NamesChairLink to Charter

Implementation of EOSC

TF PID Policy and Implementation

Implementation of EOSC

TF Researcher Engagement and Adoption

Implementation of EOSC

TF Rules of Participation Compliance Monitoring

Technical Challenges on EOSC

TF AAI Architecture

Technical Challenges on EOSC

TF Infrastructure for Quality Research Software

Technical Challenges on EOSC

TF Technical Interoperability of Data and Services

Metadata and Data Quality

TF FAIR Metrics and Data Quality

Metadata and Data Quality

TF Semantic Interoperability

Research Careers and Curricula

TF Data Stewardship Curricula and Career Paths

Research Careers and Curricula

TF Research Careers, Recognition, and Credit

Research Careers and Curricula

TF Upskilling Countries to Engage in EOSC

Sustaining EOSC

TF Defining Funding Models for EOSC

Sustaining EOSC

TF Long-Term Data Preservation
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