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IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this Wiki space is no longer actively maintained. The information in it applies to the discontinued EOSC Marketplace and Provider Portal, which have been replaced by the EOSC EU Node.
Information related to the EOSC EU Node is available via the official page <here>

Planning training events

Please take copies of these for your own use: 

Creating online tutorials

  1. Contact WP9.
    If you're interested in creating online tutorials please contact the WP9 team (training@eoscfuture.eu). We use a tool called Articulate Rise to create tutorials. We can talk you through the process and provide support. 

  2. Look at existing tutorials.
    Take a look at the courses we've already created to get ideas. We use a standard format for courses, but there is flexibility to meet the needs of your topic and aims. 
  3. Plan your course.
    Use the 
    Training analysis document to think broadly about the aims of your tutorial and the Training design form to plan your structure and activities. If you want guidance on effective training design see this 20 minute video and online course from the EOSC Synergy project. Alternatively, please talk to WP9. 

  4. Create your master file. 
    WP9 will create your tutorial in Rise and we ask that you use a 'master file' to create your content. This should include any text, links to resources (videos, slides etc) and text for activities such as quizzes. We have an example master file which you can use as a template: 
    • Example Master file template - please take a copy and add your own content

  5. Let WP9 know when your content is ready.
    Once the content has been built into a Rise tutorial, we will contact you so you can review this and we can work together to make changes. 

Resources for materials creation

For the creation of training or promotional materials please use EOSC Future templates and resources here:  

Using EOSC Future tools

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