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IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this Wiki space is no longer actively maintained. The information in it applies to the discontinued EOSC Marketplace and Provider Portal, which have been replaced by the EOSC EU Node.
Information related to the EOSC EU Node is available via the official page <here>

EOSC Future User Group consisted of researchers and actors from various scientific fields. It aimed to closely support the co-design of EOSC.

Through the EOSC Future User Group, the EOSC Future project assembled a team of “EOSC champions” from different scientific disciplines across the EU to help test and refine services and products. The Group relied on surveys, focus groups and testbed sessions to validate project outputs.

Timeline & activities


Closing of the User Group 

We want to thank you on behalf of the EOSC Future project all the user group participants of their valuable contributions to support the design and co-creation of EOSC Future solutions.

30 September 2023: The User group has been closed and the activities has been ended. 

Various focus groups in progress


Various focus groups in progress

Focus groups forming

Forming of various focus groups started for different activities based on the profiling survey responses. User Group members were contacted based on their interest and experience indicated in the Profiling Survey.

3rd ESFRI RIs -EOSC Workshop: What does EOSC bring to RI users?

Agenda and recordings


Profiling survey for EOSC Future User Group members is online!

To make good use of time and expertise of our user group participants we followed up with a profiling exercise to better understand the activities and topics the participants wanted to be involved.

Survey on additional commercial data and services

The topic of commercial service sparked a lot of questions during the webinar. A survey was launched to collect feedback from the community on this topic. 

Introductory kick-off webinar 29th October 2021

Find out more about the scope and expectations of this group and its upcoming activities - see the recording and slides!

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