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SMS process which ensures sufficient capacities are provided to meet agreed service capacity and performance requirements

Catalogue owner

A service provider organisation operating an EOSC-compliant external catalogue and  responsible for the onboarding and validating resources within an external catalogue and into the EOSC Exchange


(FitSM-0) Alteration (such as addition, removal, modification, replacement) of a configuration item (CI)


SMS process which establishes and maintains a good relationship with customers receiving services

Data Source

Special kind of service making collections of research products accessible and/or discoverable


(FitSM-0) Information and its supporting medium


An interactive dashboard to facilitate the monitoring of (1) EOSC readiness by European Member States and Associated Countries (2) indicators for the EOSC Partnership (3) contributions to the EOSC Partnership and EOSC ecosystem (4) national policies on Open Science and EOSC. The observatory will publicly present results of the monitoring and provide an overview of the implementation of EOSC.

EOSC Onboarding Strategy Group

Representatives from Catalogue owners to align onboarding procedures and interoperability across external catalogues with the EOSC Exchange

EOSC Partnership

A Co-programmed European Partnership between the EOSC Association and European Commission to implement EOSC under Horizon Europe. The partnership is governed by the tripartite EOSC Partnership Board consisting of representatives from the EOSC Association, EOSC Steering Board, and European Commission. The European Commission will fund €490 million in project and procurement calls in the Work Progammes for EOSC under Horizon Europe. The EOSC Association will collectively via its members contribute in-kind activities to EOSC totaling minimally €500 million for the duration of Horizon Europe.


SMS process which restores normal / agreed service operation within the agreed time after the occurrence of an incident, and to respond to user service requests

Information security


Inclusion Criteria

A set of defined requirements with which providers, catalogue owners and resources need to comply with to be onboarded into EOSC

Information security

(FitSM-0) Preservation of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information


(FitSM-0) Problem which has not (yet) been corrected, but for which there is a documented workaround or temporary fix to prevent (excessive) negative impact on services

Lead provider

Resource Organisation (Resource profile/ERP.BAI.3) that manages or delivers the resource, or that coordinates the Resource delivery in a federated scenario

Management review

(FitSM-0) Periodic evaluation of the suitability, maturity and efficiency of the entire management system by its accountable owner(s), from which opportunities for improvement are identified and follow-up actions are determined


(FitSM-0) Documented proposal for a change to be made to one or more configuration items (CIs)

Research Product

Is a publication, document, dataset, software, and/or another kind of research product made available through a Data Source


Assets made available by means of the EOSC system and according to the EOSC Rules of Participation to EOSC End-Users to perform a process useful to deliver value in the context of the EOSC. EOSC Resources include Services, Data Sources, Research Products and any other asset


(FitSM-0) Possible negative occurrence that would have a negative impact on the service provider’s ability to deliver agreed services to customers, or that would decrease the value generated through some service